What are the Costs of Fitting Sash Windows?

What are the Costs of Fitting Sash Windows?

How much will a new upvc sash window cost to install?

What are the Costs of Fitting Sash Windows?That’s a little bit like asking “how long is apiece of string?”. The question should be a bit more specific –  for example:

“How much does it cost to fit a 1200mm x 1200mm white upvc vertical sliding double hung sash window to my terraced house?”

If you do a search on that phrase with Google, you will get a lot of sites shown, mainly pin interest & such. Whereas what would be a bit more practical is to go direct to a sash windows prices comparison site like sashwindows-prices.co.uk.

One of the more common uses for sash window styles is in a Bay and Bow window design – these are picture windows that can really make your home stand out form the crowd.

But you should know that bay & bow windows are a bit more expensive than an ordinary flat window design as they require much more work to build & fit.