Using Orangeries for Modern Home Extensions

Using Orangeries for Modern Home Extensions

Orangeries as contemporary extensions for your home

Using Orangeries for Modern Home ExtensionsThere sis no doubt, that the British like to extend their homes – both for the extra space and to increase the resale value. Both are very good reasons to make your home bigger, but what advantages are there form using an orangery instead of a “regular” extension?

The balance of opinion is that building an orangery can be just as valuable in terms of resale value as extending the home in the more normal way , however, there seems to be a bit more “desirability” when  property has an orangery, rather than just having the main body of the house extended.

Valuers seem to be of the opinion that both add around the same resale value, but a home advertised as having an orangery appears to have more allure than one without.

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