Orangeries as contemporary extensions for your home

Modern OrangeryThere sis no doubt, that the British like to extend their homes – both for the extra space and to increase the resale value. Both are very good reasons to make your home bigger, but what advantages are there form using an orangery instead of a “regular” extension?

The balance of opinion is that building an orangery can be just as valuable in terms of resale value as extending the home in the more normal way , however, there seems to be a bit more “desirability” when  property has an orangery, rather than just having the main body of the house extended.

Valuers seem to be of the opinion that both add around the same resale value, but a home advertised as having an orangery appears to have more allure than one without.

How to find the best Orangery Cost Prices

If you are thinking of installing a conservatory or orangery for your home, then it’s obvious that you are going to try to find out how much they cost, and that means looking for the best online deal to suit your circumstances. you can read more at

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then probably the best place to start would be the website of one of the high street home improvement chain stores like Home Base, Wickes or something similar, they should have some decent examples.

However, if you want your conservatory installed by a professional company, then it may take you some time to research which installers are giving coverage for your area (there could be a few hundred). After finding a selection of candidates the task would be to talk to all of them individually and arrange for a surveyor to estimate your work & provide you with quotes.

Locating a good installer who covers your area with the proper qualifications, a great track record, quality products and great prices could take you quite a while.

Why be a DIY searcher, when there are ways to get it done for you? is a website specifically designed to find the best quotes from the best installers – why take hours or days to do it yourself when they will do it for you?

Benefits of using online quote comparison services.

  • up to 3, free written quotes
  • Certified & trusted installers
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  • installers come to you – no hours of searching
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Modern Orangery Home Extensions